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"The Star" Large Triangle Shawl


Balky Collection of linen jacquards

The design for this collection was inspired by the Balkan heritage and includes traditional symbols, that are found worldwide and can carry different meanings.

The “Sun” or “Cross of Thunder” symbol is worn on belts, shirts, socks & gloves, but especially on female wraps, for blessings and energy.

The “Tree of Life” is used on many objects, apart from clothing, and symbolises the connection between the heavens to the underworld. It represents growth and fertility, but also immortality.

The “Star” is a magical symbol for luck, used on female headwear and bed linen. It also protects from evil.The fringe was commonly used on headwear all over the Balkans, as it scatters bad spirits, trying to get in.

Red/beige on each side.

Size: 140 x 140 x 235 cm

Handmade on-demand in Bristol, UK;

medium-weight linen, woven in the EU.

Perosa Design is an ethical/vegan/green/female-owned small business.