Textiles of our lives.

Bold and brave: for all creatives, artists and beauty chasers. The touch quality of linen gives us a sense of luxury. It is our ancestral fabric and made for our sustainable future.


My name is Mateja Perosa. I am a textile artist and designer based in Bristol, UK. I believe in fairer textiles and better working conditions for textile workers. As a craft, that is as old as humanity, textiles are an important feature of our day-to-day lives, no matter where you come from (or where are you going). For this reason we must not let the textile industry present an ecological threat to our world.




Perosa Design

garments and accessories are universal and timeless, intended to complement every season or occasion. With sustainability at the heart of our craft, our prices reflect the true craftsmanship and love invested in our pieces.

We’re fighting the destructive fast fashion industry with our makers and customers in mind.

Hope you'll fall in love with linen. This is my linen dream.